Dr Mir Samiullah performs a complex surgery at Star Hospital Srinagar

Srinagar: Well known Surgeon Dr Mir Samiullah has performed a complex surgery at Star Hospital Srinagar.

The patient namely Abdul Rehman 65 of South Kashmir’s Shopian district as per hospital authorities was admitted on 7 Feb 2018 as a case of mass left kidney with splenic and pancreatic tail involvement.

“There was a thrombus in left renal vein extending into inferior venacava. It was a complex surgery which took about 5 hours .Radical nephrectomy along with splenectomy, distal pancreatectomy and removal of thrombus from inferior venacava was done. Patient needed three units of blood intraoperatively. The patient was discharged on 13 Feb 2018.He is doing well.”

“The patient and the family was extremely thankful to Dr Samiullah and Star Hospital for performing this extraordinary surgery which would have cost them a big fortune in hospitals outside state.

Dr Mir sammiullah is known for revolutionising the field of surgical gastroenterology in state particularly in private sector


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