Europe wide protests and programmes held on Kashmir Solidarity Day

Srinagar, Feb 6, CNS: Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK and Europe mobilised the diaspora Kashmiri and Pakistanis living in numerous European cities to show support for the people of Indian administered Kashmir for three consecutive days from February 4 to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day.

 Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK president Fahim Kayani and Europe Chapter President Muhammad Ghalibled rallied with thousands participating in Lisbon, where the procession led towards the Portuguese Parliament.

   The current UN Secretary General was the ex-prime minister of Portugal.

“We remind the people of Europe of their responsibility to uphold human rights. Some of the worst abuses have been committed in Indian held Kashmir and for too long the world community has turned a blind eye to the suffering of the people. We urge citizens of Europe, and governments who are members to the United Nations to show their solidarity with the suffering people of Kashmir who are yet to be given their right to self-determination as promised by India and the United Nations charter,” reads the statement.

    The protests as per statement were carried out in 15 European cities as part of Tehreek-e-Kashmir’s Free Kashmir Campaign to create awareness about the Kashmir dispute. (CNS)

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