Hashim Qureshi pays tribute to Maqbool Bhat

Srinagar: Paying tributes to Muhammad Maqbool Bhat on his 34th anniversary, the Democratic Liberation Party (DLP) has asked people of Kashmir to observe a complete shutdown in his memory.

The party said that besides Kashmir, the whole world is observing Feb 11, the anniversary of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat.

Party chief, Hashim Qureshi said, “People like Bhat are born in centuries.”

He said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are feeling proud as Bhat has born in the Valley. “Bhat has lit the candle of freedom struggle and thousands of Kashmiri youth who followed the path of Bhat have also sacrificed their lives for the sacred cause,” he added.

Qureshi said, “Bhat who raised his voice against the slavery was hanged till death under a well planned conspiracy by India and the Kashmiri rulers.”

Photo grab from a Pakistan Urdu Daily

He said Bhat Sahib’s every part of life was dedicated to the service of the people irrespective of their religion, region or clan. In the Pakistani court he had said that: “He had neither hatched any conspiracy nor ever participated in the group of conspirators. He asserted that his character was transparent. He said that of course he was revolting against corruption, money-mindedness, exploitation, oppression, slavery and faithlessness.” History tells us that whenever a movement was set afloat against exploitation and enslavement, the dominant rulers always took support of the term “conspiracy”. If these words spoken boldly in the court are analyzed dispassionately, then Maqbool Bhat rises as a person of revolutionary and innovative ideas, one who is passionately against oppression, enslavement and subjugation. He was a leader of extraordinary courage.

“The best and befitting tribute that we can pay to this lighthouse of knowledge and consciousness is that we wriggle out of confusion and put the Kashmiri nation on the true path of national independence,” Hashim Qureshi said.


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