Killing of Ifshana’s mother: Untoo writes to Prime Minister Modi

Srinagar: International Forum for Justice Muhammd Ahsan Untoo has written a letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has
appealed on behalf of 07 months old Kashmiri kid namely Ifshana whose mother was killed by the army on 11 Dec 2017 at Unisoo Handwara area of North Kahsmir’s Kupwara district.
The letter reads:

“That the mother of Ifshana was brutally killed by Rashtriya Rifles at Unisoo Handwara.”

“That the Honorable Prime Minister and Defense Minister has given the slogan Beti Bachavo Beti Padaho in the country. I want to ask the worthy Prime Minister and Defense Minister who will bring me up when the person who was looking after me has been killed by the army.”

“The the mothers lap is one of the best lap and mother is only one the earth created by the God who nourishes the off springs, but when such lap has been taken away by the army, what will be the fun of mine being to remain alive in this world.”

“That being the citizen of country I have every right to ask the honorable Prime Minister why the culprits have not been booked. It is because the culprits are from Army.”

“That India is the largest democracy of the world as such the offenders who killed the mother of child are liable to be booked under law.”

I want to bring to your notice that the law of land is supreme and whosoever violates the law should be brought to justice. So, I humbly request your good-self to intervene into the matter so the slogan given by your good-self regarding Beti Bachavo Beti Pahao shall have complete impact over the society, the letter reads.


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