A body of a civilian being carried by mourners in a Shopian village.

Silence Over South Kashmir Civilian Killings

Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar: Though majority of the ‘liberal’ thinkers in India preferred to maintain silence over civilian killings in Kashmir while there are a few who are questioning these ‘thinkers’ and anchors and their mindset.

Four civilians who were students were gunned down by Army in South Kashmir’s Shopian village. Earlier Army labeled these slain youth as ‘Over Ground Workers’ but after the outcry from locals they admitted they were civilians but added they will investigate the matter.

Senior journalist from Kashmir Valley Shujaat Bukhari could not hide his annoyance and tweeted: “ Except for @shammybaweja no top anchor and ‘liberal’ columnist did not utter a single word about #Shopian tragedy in which even now Army also says they were civilians. #Kashmir has been a good saleable dateline.”

“ For many Indian liberals, crying for atrocities in Syria is humanism, but staying quiet for atrocities in Kashmir is nationalism,” tweeted IPS Sanjiv Bhatt who is known for his secular and honest credentials

Renowned journalist Harinder Baweja while taking on so-called liberals wrote: “New low: Kashmiris being referred to as ‘traitors and anti nationals ‘ on TV. The same channels have nothing to say to BJP ministers defending the rapists of an 8 year old in the same state. Isn’t that anti national?”

CNN News 18 Anchor Zakka Jacob preferred to celebrate Supreme Court verdict instead. While keeping mum over these civilian killings, Zakka tweted: “SC stays all proceedings against #MajorAditya. No FIR can be registered against him. Breaking on @CNNnews18”

Majority of the Indian news anchors including Rajdeep Sardesai who is known for his outspoken lines didn’t bother to touch this sensitive subjec

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